An all-in audio solution for your event.

Tired of searching for the right audio set-up for your event? What do I need? Where should I rent it and how do I install the music system?

Let us do that for you!

[KLANK] offers 3 ‘ready to go’ packages: Small, Medium or Large. These packages include free transport (<30 km, 3000 LEUVEN), installation and disassemble.

We bring the gear, install it for you and pick it back up 

Customized audio for your event

Small, Medium or Large?

  • Talk, speech, key note

  • Background music

  • Small event (<100 guests)

  • Wedding, garden party

  • Festivity (<400 guests)

  • In -and outdoor

Upgrade that medium package:

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“The ideal solution for your event”


The small package is the perfect solution for your event at wich you just need an audio device for a speach, key-note, talk, local festivity (<100 guests) …

This offer gives you a perfect sound for small event.

The small package comes with:

  • 2x active speakers + tripods

  • 3x microphones DM10

  • Mixer + cables + aux

Price : 120 euro - incl. transport and installation <30km (3000, LEUVEN)


“Quality sound for every event, even outdoor”


The medium package is the most common stock, perfectly balanced for your wedding, garden party, local festivity (>100 guests), ….

A total of 6000 Watt will provide a linked pure and clean sound for you and your guests. Next to the sound, this pack also includes the newest digital dj gear.

The medium package comes with:

  • 3x active speakers + tripods

  • 2x subwoofer

  • 2x Pioneer 2000 Nexus

  • 1x Pioneer DJM 900

  • Cables

Price = 300 euro - incl. transport and installation <30km (3000, LEUVEN)


Dj gear.jpg
actieve speakers.jpeg

“Lets upgrade that medium package”


Coming soon 


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